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Paliwoda Ventures™ supports promising external businesses with early-stage investment capital and guidance to grow and attract follow-on funding.

We look to invest in high-potential and innovation-oriented entrepreneurs who can demonstrate:

  • A unique, breakthrough and protectable idea.
  • A large addressable market for their business.
  • Flexibility and commitment to growth.
  • An "exit plan" for the business.


Financial Support

Our investment thesis emphasizes market-driven solutions that evolve into profitable companies. Initial financial assistance should enable projects to complete product prototypes, conduct early marketing campaigns, and add key team members. Our assistance is designed to increase when key milestones are reached along a path of business development. We also expect entrepreneurs to make raising sophisticated follow-on capital a priority, and help prepare them for the nearly continuous capital-raising regimen that is a hallmark of innovative, growing companies.

Strategic and Operational Guidance

We strive to create a working environment where innovations are nurtured and in which entrepreneurs can build thriving businesses. Our Ventures team includes successful entrepreneurs who work closely with high-potential leaders to establish and then reach value-creating milestones of growth: raising capital; generating revenues; testing the commercial viability of their product; and moving it to market. Our Ventures members have the background that helps them to empathize with an entrepreneur's struggles, and to continuously challenge the entrepreneur to excel.

Investment Selection

We consider the following criteria when evaluating a company for potential investment:

  • Value proposition of the company's solution.
  • Attractiveness and viability of the target market.
  • Experience and talent of the current management team.
  • Financial model and revenue projections.
  • Potential to generate return on investment through an exit strategy.
A key aspect of our mandate is focus on pre-seed and seed-stage companies. Companies selling a significant amount of products or services, or which have already raised a significant amount of equity capital, may already be too mature for assistance by Paliwoda Ventures. Put simply, they may not really need us.


Paliwoda Ventures is an active and engaged investor. The amount approved for total investment depends on the stage of development and particular needs of a company. We release installments of funds when mutually agreed upon milestones are reached along a business development path. This approach helps forge a strong operating partnership between investor and portfolio company, but is not for everyone. If you prefer a more standard arm's-length relationship where you only engage with investors during quarterly board meetings and at report time, you should seek funding elsewhere. 

Application Process

If you believe your business growth objectives align with one of the following investment sector targets, submit to us preliminary information about your project:

Mobile Info Solutions Fund

Green Tech Fund

Health Tech Fund

Digital Media

Eco-friendly Systems

Affordable Healthcare




We will review your application and contact you with feedback within four weeks. If there is a potential fit for us, you may be asked to provide more information and may also be invited to formally present your proposal to our extended team.

Popular Questions

What if I'm turned down for funding?

It takes more than just money to grow a business, so even when we cannot presently invest funds in a business, we could help it in other ways — for example, we may refer you to an associate within Paliwoda Ventures who can help you refine your business plan, or assist you with moving your business through key operational milestones. We encourage entrepreneurs to re-submit their proposals when there are material changes to their business.

Does Paliwoda Ventures provide grants?

No. We require equity in return for funds invested.

I'm an entrepreneur with more questions; with whom may I follow up?

You may contact us through this website. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

I am a member of the press; whom should I contact for more information about this fund?

Please contact Nira Paliwoda.

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