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Technology is the lifeblood of The Paliwoda Group. It drives our investment thesis and, in turn, fosters a portfolio and internal ecosystem of products and services geared to further innovation.

Paliwoda Tech™ focuses on projects with attractive growth opportunities offered by digital platforms and environmentally-friendly approaches for doing business — projects uniquely positioned to capitalize on progress made within our broader business portfolio, and that can leverage our knowledge, expertise, and experience to deliver real, measureable results across diverse industries, from manufacturing to education, energy, and healthcare.

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Areas of Interest

Big Data Analytics

Machine-generated data from sensor networks and the Internet of Things are creating a wealth of new information that affords unprecedented insight into the behavior of things in the real world.

We look for scalable solutions that mine data for competitive differentiators to help companies optimize business decisions, including:

  • Operational Intelligence that turns large volumes of unstructured, machine-generated data into real-time value; using fast feedback loops to control automated, data-infused business processes.

  • Tools of Insight that extract complex exceptions, hidden relationships, and emerging patterns to help businesses capitalize on strategic insights before their competitors do.

Greening the Supply Chain

Enhanced business sustainability efforts are not just about boosting the image of a brand to generate more sales — it is also about cutting costs; and a significant opportunity for brands to reduce costs may lie in their supply chains: where things are sourced, where they go, and how they get there.

We are particularly interested in empowering talented researchers who address environmental concerns at the scale used by multi-national brands, where small improvements can yield significant impacts. Our Green Tech Fund targets early-stage projects that promote eco-friendly ways of doing business; providing them with resources needed to advance innovative solutions, including enterprise-level tools that can lower operating and production costs; that promote eco-friendly practices across the organization; or that mobilize key constituents to help scale the most effective sustainability efforts.

Lowering Healthcare Costs

Emerging mobile-centric technologies — wearable biosensors, machine learning tools, and wellness apps that "democratize" medical expertise — promise to reduce incidents of medical misdiagnosis and mistreatment, improve patient outcomes, and lower the overall cost of medical care.

We use our Health Tech Fund to support early-stage projects that apply data science techniques to improve "digital health" solutions — the clinical utility of predictive "Big Data" models — including:

  • Systems that use machine-learning to spot causal relationships between genes and disease; correlating genomic data with one's medical history to tailor better treatment for each patient.

  • Solutions that track digital biomarker panels in data streaming from wearable devices; replacing sporadic doctor's office exams to monitor one's health and wellness with less obtrusive updates about a patient's symptoms, that also better describe one's real-world experience of disease.



Personal health and wellness analytics

Turn data streaming from digital health and fitness monitors into non-medical jargon that consumers find more meaningful.

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Energy storage systems

Sequester excess electric grid power near points of high consumer demand.

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Silicon Biology
Silicon Biology

Adaptive, behavior-based automation

Robots that respond to change in their environment from experience; completing tasks previously difficult to cost-effectively automate.

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Wind power solutions

Low-profile turbines that are easy to deploy and can operate more efficiently in densely packed wind farm clusters.

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