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The consulting arm of the Paliwoda Group (Paliwoda Solutions™) streamlines business operations with infrastructure and value chains around "big data", including practices that:
  • Close feedback loops
    Streamline material and information flows

  • Leverage large volumes of machine-generated data
    Real-time operational control of interconnected devices

  • Reduce risks to a brand's reputation
    Protect intellectual assets and improve customer service

  • Promote internal cultures of innovation
    Lean Product Development strategies


Unlock Business Value from Big Data

Bytes and Bots

The Internet of Things (IoT) — a mix of cheap sensors, fast networks, and distributed computing — is helping to streamline business operations across a number of industries.

On factory floors, robots and other interconnected devices, collectively known as "Industry 4.0," represents a paradigm shift in manufacturing: comparable to the change observed three decades ago when analog technical drawing of mechanical and electrical systems transitioned to integrated computer-aided designs CAD).

And as new industrial IoT systems enter the mainstream, we expect more companies to move their product sourcing from overseas suppliers to local manufacturers within their biggest consumer markets — in North America and Europe.

Laggards who do not plan for a much broader adoption of Industry 4.0 practices will likely fail to keep pace with increased productivity at their competitors; and like those who resisted the earlier transition to CAD-based systems, risk dropping out of the business ecosystem entirely.

AI as a Service

Historically, building and deploying software that can leverage advanced machine learning techniques required expensive upfront investment, with little guarantee of return.

But today, as more data becomes available and the cost for storing it continues to drop, platforms that host AI tools are quickly migrating to the cloud — just an API call away for most business applications to easily access, and with little upfront prototyping costs or long-term commitment.

And many of these hosted services also come pre-trained with domain-specific logic — business rules that rapidly scale to generate new algorithms on the fly, for faster insight about complex processes.



Workflow management tools



Protect your ideas from misuse

Track and capitalize on internally generated ideas in ways that also help potential investors consider the value of these intellectual assets.

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Kaizen Analytics
Kaizen Analytics

Unlock more value from business data

Turn bits of data into visually compelling executive dashboards that track the health of your business.

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Unlock more value from machine-generated data

Crunch through large volumes of data streaming from interconnected devices on factory floors to improve their operating reliability.

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