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Build, Validate, and Scale Great Ideas

Paliwoda Labs™ is our incubator for bold experimentation and innovation, with a focus on practical applications needed to position promising solutions for raising investment capital.

We partner with entrepreneurs to nurture exceptional ideas at their earliest stages; with technical assistance to demonstrate initial viability, and mentorship to align the strategic vision of founders with paths to monetization and profitability.

 Paliwoda Labs


Extend core processes to transform the strategic vision into a reality


Define the technology roadmap needed to test product-market fit


Prepare for investment capital by clarifying growth objectives

Innovation Partners

Ideas Brought to Life

Paliwoda Labs embraces an internal culture of cooperation and community - the "collective genius" acquired through years of diverse, front-line experiences in entrepreneurship.

We actively encourage collaboration among our portfolio companies (a process we call "cross-pollination") with sufficient funding and freedom to solve practical problems across diverse industries; and which enables our broader strategic vision by building useful connections and synergies needed to vet new investment candidates with senior leadership at Paliwoda Ventures — to help founders extend and scale promising solutions by lowering the inherent risk associated with early-stage investing, and increasing the rate of return on existing assets.

Putting People Ahead of Particles

Our approach to discovery and practical innovation is deeply grounded in science; but also led by consumer insight, since great ideas in any discipline begin with understanding the needs of people — in finding new ways to make a positive difference in their lives.

So we're looking to partner with new entrepreneurs and businesses who share our values: whether it's a product that's ready to go, or a new way of working that could transform the way we currently do business, we are always ready to expand our collective thinking with revolutionary ideas that empower future customers.

Partnership Scenarios


You have a great proof of principle concept that's ready to go, and are looking for a partner to build market-ready solutions.

Existing Product

You've created a product that can make a positive difference in people's lives, and are searching for a partner to quickly deliver it to consumers.

Local to Global

You have a high-performing, innovative product on the market, and are ready to scale it globally with the right partner.

Developing Technology

You have new technology that might improve a certain business process, and are ready to demonstrate how it could improve one of our current solutions.

Measurement Science and Insight

Making Sense of a World Increasingly Shaped by Algorithms

The Data Science practice takes advantage of the shift to an information-based economy. We see AI as a fundamental layer when building tools and services that derive insight from large volumes of complex data, and expect more companies that rely on "big data" about their customers and business operations to leverage different branches of AI when solving big challenges.

We empower entrepreneurs to tackle data-infused challenges with domain-specific systems that enhance and scale human expertise — analytics that spot patterns and anomalies in large volumes of machine-generated data to improve how critical systems work — focusing on well-defined tasks in healthcare, education, and manufacturing that could benefit from computer models that help translate insight into better-informed decisions.

AI as a Service

As more data becomes available and the cost for storing it continues to drop, we have extended the appeal of these capabilities more broadly by migrating these AI tools to the cloud — hosted platforms we call "AI engines" that support a wider range of practical automation in diverse industries; just an API call away for most applications to easily access.

These hosted services also come pre-trained with domain-specific logic: business rules that rapidly scale to generate new algorithms on the fly for faster insight about complex processes; and with little upfront investment for prototyping, or long-term commitment.

Domain-Specific A.I. Engines

Integrated Ecosystem for Discovery Through Advanced Data Analytics

The Data Lab opens up new avenues to solutions in data-centric ecosystems by providing a common, collaborative environment for managing and analyzing "big data," and serves to connect academia with "real-world" applications in industry, and with important initiatives at NGOs tackling big challenges in our changing world.

It is a cluster of excellence for data scientists to optimize machine-learning techniques: a space for reflection, argument, a bit of philosophy and, frankly, also a place to make really cool images based on data.

Open Architecture that Promotes Repeatable and Scalable Innovation


Strategies for securely acquiring, accessing, and curetting large-scale datasets


Interoperable data mining methods and associated skills for analyzing and visualizing complex datasets


Virtual workspaces and collaborative workflows for inter-disciplinary research and development

Join the Conversation

The Data Lab seeks to lower traditional boundaries between experimentation and innovation; we believe that we learn as much from others as they can learn from us, so our team is purposefully eclectic; unified by shared interests in exploring methods and relations related to large-scale data analytics.

We look to partner with academia, industry, and NGOs who might benefit from novel forms of data analysis and visualization; a fresh perspective that only an outsider might offer about creating value from data to enhance storytelling and personal user experiences.

If what we do sounds interesting to you, please contact us for more information about how we might work together.

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