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Popular Questions

What is the mandate of the Green Tech Fund?

The Green Tech Fund offers seed-stage investments in startups that promote eco-friendly ways of doing business.

Does the Green Tech Fund focus on specific segments within the Sustainability sector?

The Green Tech Fund targets projects that innovate, integrate, or advocate more environmentally-friendly approaches to manufacturing, retail, and logistics, including:

    Innovators: Sustainability solutions that lower business expenses amid rising costs for raw materials, labor and transportation.
    Integrators: Projects that help to incorporate the best eco-friendly practices across the enterprise, from design to manufacture to marketplace to recapture, recycle and reuse of material.
    Advocates: Organizers and mobilizers of key constituents to help scale sustainability efforts and promote healthy lifestyles.

How much does the Green Tech Fund invest in each startup company?

The Green Tech Fund tailors investments to the unique requirements and value propositions offered by each selected project. We look to develop long-term relationships with our entrepreneurs by defining the value we can add to a project not just though financial support, but also by providing mentoring opportunities to team members. In many instances, challenges that a startup faces may be overcome by informed advice rather than just financial support that dilutes the equity of existing stakeholders.

In how many companies will the Green Tech Fund invest?

In as many great projects as we see. We'll add more money to the fund when needed.

How may I submit a business plan for consideration by the Green Tech Fund?

Please submit preliminary information about your business here. We respond to most applications within two weeks.

May I submit more than one business plan?

No. We review one business plan from each project team.

Can you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to my submitting a business plan?

No. We cannot sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before our initial review of your business plan. When you have concerns about key pieces of intellectual property, please exclude these from your presentation and simply note these areas as trade secrets.

What if I'm turned down for funding?

We recognize it takes more than just money to grow a business, so even if we cannot invest funds in your business we may help in other ways. You could be referred to an associate within Paliwoda Ventures who can help you refine your business plan or assist you with moving your business through key operational milestones. We welcome entrepreneurs to re-submit if there are material changes to their business.

Does Paliwoda Ventures provide grants?

No. We require equity in a business in return for funds invested.

I'm an entrepreneur with more questions. With whom may I follow up?

You may contact us here. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

I am a member of the press. Whom should I contact for more information?

Please contact Nira Paliwoda.

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