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Dinos Rule

The rapid proliferation of digital screens in young kids' lives is raising complicated questions about how increasingly omnipresent digital experiences are shaping personal habits and behaviors. Still, many busy parents continue to use digital games on mobile devices to reliably keep young minds occupied and entertained.

Digital games are by no means essential for early childhood learning, but since kids do find them entrancing, many could benefit from well-crafted content that nurtures social skills and deepens their knowledge about the world around them.

Dinos Rule creates digital games for young learners that promote personal attributes like patience, stamina, and delayed gratification; while also encouraging parents to join in play and take more active roles in deciding when and how they should limit a child's access to digital screens.

Our approach is informed by mounting evidence from behavioral psychology and neuroscience about the benefits of open-ended play in early childhood. We work closely with parents of young learners and early-education specialists to build experiences that foster exploration skills and promote creative problem solving; that stimulate imaginations by requiring learners to participate in generating their own amusements rather than merely react to pre-determined outcomes.

Unlike games where players simply compete to win, our designs encourage kids to enjoy and value their own achievements by sharing their creations with caring adults.

And we do it in a safe way; without showing young minds advertising or tempting them with in-app purchases — so kids can stay focused on hands-on active play and experiential learning.

 Dinos Rule

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