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Brainiac TV

Combine "Big Data" with brain science to
improve individual student achievement

Focus On What Matters Most

"Big Data" helps you use limited study time more efficiently

Build a personal profile of how you learn best, based on subject competence and preferred learning style.

Machine-learning algorithms churn through the trail of data you leave behind on our digital platform for clues about strengths and weaknesses in key subject areas; accounting for study time invested with the quality of the resulting work to craft more personalized learning experiences.

It's the same kind of automated reasoning behind popular voice-, text-, and image-recognition apps that learn to approximate, with experience, how we can intuitively recognize patterns in torrents of complex data, where context is important for arriving at the right answer.

Brain Science Boosts Learning

Master essential skills with the latest findings about how our brains work

Craft more nimble learning experiences, with insight from brain science about how we tend to pick-up new information faster and retain it longer.

Pick-up new information faster

Reward first-hand exploration to encourage tinkering with problem solving steps; while also attending to one's mistakes by steering the student along paths to the correct answer rather than penalizing for failed attempts.

Remember important concepts longer

Instead of relatively inefficient memorization techniques that just reinforce existing brain circuitry, use multiple approaches to target and recruit new mental faculties.

Stay focused on key subject areas

Continue to challenge each student by adjusting task difficulty as one's subject proficiency improves, and without making one's progress through subject materials too frustrating.

Personal Coaching

Adjust teaching methods to overcome difficulty with essential concepts

Fine-tune instruction strategies to drive continuous improvement through trouble spots, and without making one's progress through subject materials too frustrating.

Visual Reinforcement

Connect fundamental concepts
into bigger ideas

Solution Mechanics

Deconstruct complex ideas
into their logical components

Time-saving Shortcuts

Share tips for completing
key tasks more efficiently

First-hand Exploration

Encourage tinkering along paths
leading to the correct answer

Student Dashboards

Spot early signs of difficulty
with essential concepts

Educator Partnerships

Test new ways to reach and
engage with your students, both
in and out of the classroom

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