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Track actual experiences of disease

Remote Patient Monitoring

Replace sporadic doctor's office exams with less obtrusive tracking of one's disease symptoms

Health-conscious consumers can already monitor their own physical activity with wearable gadgets. And soon, more sophisticated mobile-centric devices may harness minute-by-minute readings of one's vital signs to keep closer tabs on the wearer — discreetly gathering updates throughout the day and then transmitting these data for remote analysis by care providers, to help ambulatory patients self-manage their conditions at home.

Improved Care Plans

Spot early clues about health problems from changes to digital biomarker profiles

Specially designed software looks for clinically relevant changes in digital biomarkers using the same kind of automated reasoning behind popular voice-, text and image-recognition apps, where multi-layered algorithms adjust their logic with experience to improve at completing all sorts of useful tasks, and context is important at arriving at the right answer.

Here, robust analytics sift through the torrents of data streaming from wearable biosensors to weave the unique interplay among these signals into personal health and wellness baselines.

And then infer precursors to health problems from anomalies and trends in one's physiology — earlier than when professional caregivers might easily discern them; when many conditions might be best treated.

Accelerated Discovery

Spur treatment breakthroughs by extending medical records with better lifestyle data

The troves of data collected by digital health and fitness monitors might offer better insight into how well some drugs work in "real world" settings among well-stratified patient cohorts.

And in time, may spur new areas of clinical study into the long-term effects of novel treatments by expanding research protocols from looking at relatively few data points collected at sporadic clinical visits — or with burdensome patient-reported diary entries — to analyzing hundreds of readings every minute, even after study recruits leave the lab.

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